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Are you looking for debt relief and have questions about the required bankruptcy courses in Jamestown? Watch this video by experienced Jamestown bankruptcy lawyer Scott Humble to learn more.

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When I meet with every bankruptcy client, I give them information. One of the things that we discuss and the information I give them, is about the courses that you have to go and take to go and file a bankruptcy and then get your discharge in bankruptcy. A lot of people think when we talk about courses and I would normally thing about this too, is I’ve got to go to the local community college or state college or high school or Boces or something and take a course. That’s not the case; it’s much easier than that.

The first course, I call it a servocation. What I do is I provide you with your budget, your debt that you owe so that you can go and call this 800 number and go through a bunch of questions and answer them so that they can certify you to go and file bankruptcy. This is pursuant to the bankruptcy law that went into effect October 17th, 2005. Since then, I have never, out of thousands of cases, ever had a client not be certified. I had a client that spoken Mandarin and we had to go and send them to a specific case to get this done, but we got it done.

The second course is after you file. Technically, you can go through the whole nine yards of a bankruptcy. However, they will not give you a discharge order that will be signed by the judge saying that all of your debt is gone, if you don’t go and have a financial management course certification. Therefore what we do is we have you contact the company we use – I’ll try to discuss that in a minute – and do the financial management course that is generally done online. If there’s a problem, we can work something else out, but 99% of the time it’s done online. The first course takes 45 minutes. Second course takes two or three hours.

Once you get certified, whether it’s the first certification or second certification, we file that with the court and you go and are either approved or you get your discharge. Either way, it’s good stuff.

Now presently, I am having clients work with the people that certify you, both to file and financial management course that is associated with my software. The software I use is the best in the system that’s available, and they work with us, a company out of Cincinnati. What I like about it is that their situation is that that’s all they do and they’re very good at it. They’re available and for the second course, they will send you text and email reminders to go and do that second course.

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