Preparing for Bankruptcy in New York State

Want to know how you should be preparing for bankruptcy in New York State? Watch this video. Then call an experienced Jamestown bankruptcy lawyer for guidance you can count on.  

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By the time someone has actually spoken to me, they have gone and talked to family, friends, done research on the internet, so when they come in, they’ve already been preparing for bankruptcy in New York State. They can’t afford to be sitting here in my office, when they could be making money at their job, so when they come in, I don’t make them wait. I get them right in here. We sit for initial consultation. I try to make it in 30 minutes.

We go down through the process of what their situation is, what they can file, and then I give them a list. I give them a folder. It has information in it. It has the breakdown of exactly what the rules are. You and your assets are all protected. It’s a breakdown as far as the fees go, as far as what the filing fee is, what my fee is, and then, on the back, there’s a list of what documentation I need on each case. Each jurisdiction is a little bit different on that, but they all require a certain amount of documentation with, pay stubs, income tax returns, and stuff like that.

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