DWI Arrest

DWI Arrest

If you have been pulled over by an officer who suspected you were driving under the influence, you will know just how scary a DWI arrest can be. You may be worried about your future after this arrest and what will happen if you are convicted.

DWI Arrest | First Time Charge

I had a call recently from a client asking what the repercussions are regarding a first-time DWI offense. Normally, a DWI has accompanying charges so that there’s probable cause for the officer to pull you over. Usually it is a lack of using a turning signal, a registration, or inspection problem, and then you’ve got the actual DWI charge.

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There are usually a couple of charges that the police make, and that is your BAC or blood alcohol content statutory amount, and then your common law DWI. Having said all that, there’s a lot of charges floating around. Generally speaking, we get it down to one charge, and that’s going to be some form of a DWI. The concern here is what the repercussions of either being found guilty of that charge or pleading to that charge are. What you’re looking at is no jail time, a fine and some kind of revocation or suspension of your license.

DWI Arrest | Jail Time

Recently, a client came in and she was very distraught because she had received a DWI, had gone through the whole system with the fingerprinting and picture, and the whole nine yards which was very intimidating for her and she was crushed. She was extremely nervous about whether or not she was going to have to go to jail on a first-time DWI charge. The answer is no, you’re not looking at jail time in this county. You are, however, looking at a fine and some kind of suspension or revocation of your license, and there’s going to be an annual cost involved for the next three years which usually adds up to around $750.

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