Common Slip and Fall Cases

Common Slip and Fall Cases

Common Slip and Fall CasesSlip and fall injuries can happen anywhere at any time, and the factors that can cause these injuries are understandably many in number. Here are some common slip and fall cases in Jamestown, New York.

Common Slip and Fall Cases | Causes

Visibility is a chief contributor to slip and falls, as people who are unable to see clearly are more prone to trip over objects that would otherwise be easily avoidable. Improperly secured objects are another common element; a loose handrail, doorpost, or handle can suddenly give way, sending a person tumbling to the ground. Problems with flooring form a third type of hazard, as it is all too easy for a pedestrian to stumble over a wrinkle or tear in carpeting, a raised floorboard, or an exposed nail. The unusual presence of substances such as water, sand, or ice on a floor can make it slippery, and property managers who do not tend to spills and leaks in time are putting their customers at risk of injury.

Common Slip and Fall Cases | New York Slip and Fall Case Procedure

Each slip and fall case is a conflict between an individual who was injured on a property (the plaintiff) and the owner or manager of that property (the defendant), both of whom will be represented by personal injury or premises liability attorneys. The plaintiff’s attorney is usually responsible for showing that a dangerous condition existed on the property and that it would have been difficult for the plaintiff to avoid the condition. The defendant’s attorney, on the other hand, must demonstrate that the dangerous condition did not exist, that the condition was in the process of being resolved or repaired, and/or that the plaintiff acted in a way that caused the injury. Both attorneys may provide photographs of the site where the injury occurred, and videos of the plaintiff walking through the property at the time of the injury may feature as well. The plaintiff can provide medical documents to illustrate the extent of the injury, as this evidence may sway the judge to grant compensation for medical expenses. The plaintiff may win if her or his attorney shows that it was largely or entirely an unavoidable hazard on the property that led to the injury.

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