Health Insurance After a Divorce

Are you preparing to get divorced and have questions about what will happen to your health insurance after a divorce? Watch this video by experienced Jamestown divorce lawyer Scott Humble to learn more.

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I was talking to a client last week about medical insurance. He’s got some medical issues and he was concerned what he was going to do as far as medical care after the divorce. He was really interested in staying on his wife’s plan because she has a good job and good insurance, and that’s the way it’s been in the past. He wanted to continue to do that after the divorce decree or judgment, and that is just not possible. Because they are no longer technically family once the divorce goes through, they can’t be on a family plan; it’s a simple as that, although unfortunate.

Are you going through a divorce and have questions about maintaining health insurance after a divorce? Contact experienced Jamestown divorce lawyer Scott F. Humble for a free confidential consultation. Let his 30+ years of experience work for you.

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