DWI Case Examples

DWI Case Examples

DWI Case ExamplesBeing arrested for a DWI can have long-term consequences, both in terms of fines and future employment opportunities. However, our experienced Jamestown attorneys can help reduce or get your charges dropped entirely. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation. Below are some DWI case examples that we have worked on.

DWI Case Examples | Driver Under the Age of 21

I represented an individual who was a high school senior in a small town, and was 17 years old, obviously under the age of 21. He was actually just moving his car from his girlfriend’s house to his parents and didn’t use a turning signal. There was a local festival going on and there were a lot of Deputy Sheriffs out that day. They saw that he didn’t use the turning signal, so they pulled him over and they had probable cause to go through the field sobriety, give him the breathalyzer, the whole nine yards. Now, a typical under-21 charge is anywhere from .01 to .07, and that normally is not prosecuted locally; that usually goes to the Department of Motor Vehicles. However, my client was charged with a .09, so they prosecuted him locally in the town court, and he was looking at some severe penalties. What I was able to do is, after several appearances, work with the prosecutor. We got the court to agree to go and reduce the BAC on papers and we ended up at Department of Motor Vehicle court.

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DWI Case Examples | Jail Time

Recently, a client came in and she was very distraught because she had received a DWI, had gone through the whole system with the fingerprinting and picture, and the whole nine yards which was very intimidating for her and she was crushed. She was extremely nervous about whether or not she was going to have to go to jail on a first-time DWI charge. The answer is no, you’re not looking at jail time in this county. You are, however, looking at a fine and some kind of suspension or revocation of your license, and there’s going to be an annual cost involved for the next three years which usually adds up to around $750.

DWI Case Examples | Attorney Fees

I would say the majority, if not most, of my clients come in and they’re concerned about the cost of hiring an attorney, such as myself, to represent them in a DWI situation. That’s always an issue, and I understand that. I’ve got to tell you that if you look at hiring a big city firm, you’re going to be looking at somewhere around four or five thousand dollars. Locally, that is not the case. I charge $1,500 for a first time DWI, and $2,000 for an aggravated DWI. If it is a felony DWI, then my charge is $3,500 to resolve that for you.

For further help defending yourself in court, contact experienced Jamestown DWI lawyer Scott F. Humble for guidance and support as you prepare to fight your DWI or DWAI/ alcohol charge.

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