Bankruptcy Trustees

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Who are the bankruptcy trustees?


If you’re considering bankruptcy, you probably have been on the internet doing some research and you’ve read about trustees. It’s important to note that there are two trustees on every case. You’ve got the case trustee who does the administration of the case, and then you’ve got the U.S. Trustee, who’s the policeman of the system. As to the case trustee, there are local rules, some for western districts of New York and then the western district of Pennsylvania has their own, so you have to submit specific information and documentation in each jurisdiction to the case trustees.Bankruptcy Trustees
As to the U.S. Trustee, that is literally your policeman of the system. They are going to oversee the whole case and make sure that we have documented everything the way we should, and that everything is truthful, so that there aren’t any problems.

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