Bankruptcy Law Changes

The 2005 bankruptcy law changes made obtaining a divorce more difficult and expensive. Watch this video to see how Scott Humble makes a bankruptcy easy.


How did the bankruptcy law change in 2005?


For bankruptcy attorneys, the date of October 17, 2005 is really relevant. That is because this is when , at the time, the new bankruptcy laws went into effect. The new law means that they want you to jump through more hoops, have a little bit more cost involved, and things like that. To be frank, in our neck of the woods – the southern tier of New York, the northern western tier of Pennsylvania – it really doesn’t affect our cases, other than you have to jump through extra hoops and it costs you a few more dollars. I’m talking about maybe $48 more. You will have to take two classes that are $24 a piece.Bankruptcy Law Changes Now, immediately to me – and I think to most people – when you say classes, you think you’re going to a local community college, Fredonia State, or Gannon University to take a couple of classes. That could not be further from the truth. When they talk about classes, you’re talking about a telephone call or an online class. They will take you some time, but you’re not going anywhere. You can do them both from home.

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