Paying Bills During Divorce

Are you considering divorce and have questions about how to handle your current marital bills during the process? Watch this video by experienced Jamestown divorce lawyer Scott Humble to learn more about who is responsible for paying bills during divorce. 

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Most of the clients that I see, the finances are relatively tight, so that it’s very important, if possible, to maintain the status quo of the finances – income stays the same; expenses stay the same. That’s why I usually recommend that they stay in the same household until the divorce goes through, unless there are problems such as abuse. The reason for this is if they were to go and split, the person moving out is going to have additional expenses – as far as rent, utilities, whatever the case may be – and all of a sudden, there’s going to be a problem. There’s going to be a crunch as far as going and paying on student loans, automobiles, whatever the case may be, and then they’re going to go into financial ruin as well. I just assume see the parties stay together, if possible, during the term of the divorce.

Are you going through a divorce and have questions about who is responsible for paying bills during divorce? Contact experienced Jamestown divorce lawyer Scott F. Humble for a free confidential consultation. Let his 30+ years of experience work for you.

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