Joint Custody vs. Full Custody

Are you preparing for a divorce with children and have questions joint custody vs. full custody in New York? Watch this video by experienced Jamestown divorce lawyer Scott Humble to learn more.

I was in Family Court last week with an unusual case. The usual situation when people go through some kind of split or divorce is to go and have joint custody of the children, so both the mother and the father can go and make decisions as far as school, religion, medical, whatever the case may be. This particular case, the judge felt uncomfortable giving joint custody because the father is actually a California resident, and he has just moved here, and the judge doesn’t know if it’s temporary or not and was very concerned. He gave the mother full custody and only visitation to the father for that reason. That’s basically the difference. The father technically will get information as far as what’s going on at school, what’s going on as far as religion, what’s going on as far as medical, but he won’t be able to technically make the decisions or make a joint decision on that if the wife doesn’t want him to.

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