Grounds For Divorce

Are you considering splitting from your spouse and have questions about what qualifies as grounds for divorce in New York State? Watch this video by experienced Jamestown divorce lawyer Scott Humble to learn more.

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Although New York State recently passed a no-fault divorce statute, so you don’t have to have anything more than not getting along for six months obtain a divorce in New York State, the grounds for divorce – and what most people are think of as an old-fashioned type of grounds – still apply. I don’t care if it’s cruel and inhumane treatment, adultery, abandonment, imprisonment. Those still apply, and if you feel strongly about pursuing a divorce on those grounds, you can do that. The caution that I would go and add to that, however, is it’s probably going to cost more – unless it’s a default divorce – because you have to prove those grounds.

Are you considering a divorce and have questions regarding grounds for divorce in New York? Contact experienced Jamestown divorce lawyer Scott F. Humble for a free confidential consultation. Let his 30+ years of experience work for you.

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