Converting Between Bankruptcy Chapters

Did you know you know that converting between bankruptcy chapters is possible? Watch this video by experienced Jamestown bankruptcy attorney Scott Humble to learn how you can convert your chapter 7 bankruptcy into a chapter 13 bankruptcy. 

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It’s important to understand that you file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, whatever the case may be, but circumstances might change. I went to court on a case last month, for a client who thought that they could get caught up on their house payments, and it didn’t work out.

In the long run, they were going to end up losing their house, because they couldn’t catch up on their mortgage payments, and they were in Chapter 7, so what we did is we went in, converted the case over to Chapter 13, put the arrears into the plan, and that way she can keep her house and it can’t foreclose.

If you or someone you love is considering bankruptcy and has questions about converting between bankruptcy chapters, contact us today to arrange a free confidential consultation with dedicated Jamestown bankruptcy lawyer Scott F. Humble. Let his 30+ years of experience work for you.

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