Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Considering a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Take a minute to learn what you need to know from an experienced Jamestown bankruptcy attorney serving all of WNY.

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Chapter 7 bankruptcies are the first type of bankruptcy that we want to look at for you, because it is the least expensive, and you’ll be in and out of the process in less than four months. The problem is that not everybody has the  ability to make a Chapter 7 work for them, and they may have to therefore look at Chapter 13.

Our goal with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is for you to keep all of your property, and wipe out or discharge your unsecured debt.  You walk away free and clear from that. When people come in, and they are in trouble, their credit report is not looking too stellar, so generally speaking, most of the time, when you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, one year after discharge, your credit score is actually going to go up.

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